Request. Route. Exchange.

Arexico is the interconnection platform for any type of network, including cloud providers, enterprises and ISPs, helping its customers throughout the entire net-infra lifecycle.


IP & ASN resources under management.


historical core infrastructure uptime.


aggregated global port capacity.


Arexico-enabled access ports.

Entire Lifecycle

A fully integrated suite of registry and interconnection products

Cut costs by minimizing expenditures on staff training, on-site network infrastructure, and physical fiber connections. Arexico stands out as the sole platform offering a cost-efficient and seamless way to cover the entire lifecycle your network infrastructure.

The Platform

Our Products


Seamlessly request and manage IP addresses and ASNs. Enjoy a unified experience throughout the entire lifecycle.


Spin up virtual switches and routers and interconnect with over 100 endpoints via one port, in one click.


Enjoy the power of mutual peering in a cost efficient way with the Arexico Commercial Internet Exchange (AXCIX).

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